Dawne Grummett   Visual  Artist

   I have had a passion for recreationally painting for twenty years.  While studying Interior Design at Ryerson University I developed a strong love for architectual drawings.  Perhaps my love for architecture itself has led me to the second best thing.  If I can't design and build it, I may as well share its beauty by drawing and painting it.

    I have studied both oils and watercolours at Rodman Hall, Ryerson University, and The Toronto School of Art.  I have had the opportunity to share my work in community events like The West End Art Collective's "Art Tour",  in group shows at The 3030 and Toddmorden Mills Gallery,  in local Bloor West Village boutiques, and in The Runnymede Library.  Recently I have left the city of Toronto and moved to the Durham Region.

   I have also been commissioned by home owners and real estate agents to paint homes.  The collection of my art  displayed on this site is a portfolio of my work and style.  Some paintings have gone to good owners, and some are still without homes.  Please visit my CONTACT page and share a "Hello!" with me.  I am always open for future work.

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